What are Soffits & Fascia? Soffits and Fascia are pretty much interlinked and are on most buildings across the UK.

Traditionally soffits were made from wood but due to wood being porous; it eventually rots.

Our UPVC soffits and fascia are designed to enhance the look of your home by providing a cover for the rafter beams and to protect your building from the elements all year round.

In addition to making a significant saving on your utility bill, soffits can also be installed as a solution to increasing ventilation in your property.

The Fascia is the board that fits over the end of the rafters and primarily serves the same purpose as your Soffits; to protect your home from the unpredictable British weather.

What are Gutters? The Gutter system is the drainage system and plays a significant role in the reduction of water damage inside your home.

by directing the water away from your roof, this also guarantees high-level protection to the foundation of your home too. You don’t need to worry about your landscaping washing away every time it rains.

With UPVC being used instead of wood you can rest assured there will be no warping, rotting, discolouration or flaking.

We use the finest quality materials to ensure your roof lasts at a quality standard for years to come.

> uPVC Roofing Solutions Built to Last.
> Functional- provide quality reliable protection from challenging weather conditions. Aesthetically pleasing and totally functional too.
> Damp Protection- designed to cover the eaves on your roof to avoid total exposure of your rafter beams to the elements.
> Minimal maintenance- eliminate the risk of rotting and warping. UPVC is also not at risk of being attacked by bugs or any other pest type creatures.
> Ventilation- designed to help your building breathe and is the most common way to protect your roof frame and prevent moisture from building up.
> Durabilty- Designed to last with little or no maintenance for many years. It is guaranteed to endure a long and healthy life- just keep their shine alive with a wipe now and then!
> Foundation and roof protection- Protect the foundation of your home from erosion. With a quality gutter system, you can channel the water away from the building thus preventing further damage.
> Protect your Interior from Damp- By channelling the water away from your property, the water cannot touch the exterior to your home thus preventing internal damp.